Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hello again.
Yes, the time has come for me to be me again. After all, this blog is about the ruler of mimiao kingdom >>>> ME. No more pathetic life story. 
Yea, baby. This meow is sticking to what she does best. =D.Acting like she knows all about cats and be a geek who likes to sleep, eat, drool over hunks, and imagine things which are out of this planet we called EARTH.

Apparently, after the CNY holidays went by, I haven’t had any new acquaintances among the mimiaos community. However, I had few observations on them. Not that I’m going to bore the readers to death with my observations. That, will be my materials for future use.
Now, on my first post, I talked about my background with cats, am I right? Well, this time, I, Chewy The Gum shall tell the tale of what I like to call The Rawr. I do believe that most people have certain names for things that they find interesting and is “the one and only”. I am 1 of those people and in this context, The Rawr is actually the ideal concept of what a mimiao should be.

The above is Simba. I met him last year. He’s a white Bobo miao with a perfect bod & paws. Well-built muscles and has a strong facial structure. Pinkish nose, light yellowish eyes and has a standard long tail. He weighs around 3.5kg to 5.5kg, reasonable for his size. He is not too fat, not too slim, just the perfect figure, like a macho runaway model. The human version of Simba would be Gabriel Aubry. HEHEHE… perhaps, Andy Whitfield.

Here is a Blacky miao that I met, also last year. Since our meeting was only for a moment, I managed to name him. He is forever known as Spaniard to me. Yes, the gladiator. I was attracted by his face. He has this beautiful clean, smooth black fur all over. Manly face and eyes, so calm and yet so knightly.

Those 2 mimiaos are the examples of The Rawr. 

Lol. Forgot one that is most dear to my heart and soul, Whitey. Yea, you can see his face at the left side of this blog. He is half Rawr and half Zorro. Full white miao with black spots. 
This Rawr concept is my main source for the POM story. There you go. My secret. To tell you the truth, I'm having a bit of trouble in completing it because i had to somehow change & alter some part of it. Haha. There might be a new story coming up. =)))

Oh! Almost forgot another thing. 
Do check these out. (i like to promote people because it makes me feel like i have that halo thingy on top of my head!)



The first, I did mention about it in the past post. Belongs to a dude named, Adam Adli.

The second belongs to a babe named, Siti Nor Effadila.

These 2 individuals are my classmates & friends. People may ask "what's so special about these blogs?". Well, to be honest, these individuals have "Rawr". For those who know me, they may get what I mean but for those who doesn't, well, let's see.

Mmm... I'm like Dr. Watson in the sherlock Holmes books/series. The ones that I read are written in the 1st point of view, "I" = Dr. Watson. He reports every case that Holmes managed to tackle and through my eyes, Dr. Watson witnesses the making/event/life of an epic person = Holmes.

I get to witness and know future-SOMEONEs now. (insya-ALLAH) I'm not saying that my friends are epic in terms of investigation & stuff. Just, I have a feeling, you know, and I'm not saying this because they are my friends but because I tend to have this feeling of "people who witness greatness & histories".

...and 1 more person, Shafiah Sulaiman. Now, this I would like to keep for another time.
Special person.