Sunday, March 27, 2011

HOMAIGOD!!! U hv 2 read this!!!


Greetings. =D I am currently bored, so why the heck not post something silly & regret it later on?? I asked myself that 5 minutes ago.
Here I go. The procedure needed 2 do silly & regrettable post ever:

1st, start a blog that shows your most passionate interest eg: CATS.

2nd, publish your most uniquely pathetic fantasies about your interest (CATS as d example) in the blog. (kononnya sbb utama buat blog)

3rd, get yourself be heartbroken & keep all the feelings bottle up into the blog. Basically saying “break the rules about not posting personal matters in blog”.

4th, make up 4 the previous rule-breaking (regarding the 3rd step) by saying “Sorry 4 my not-intentionally-mental-&-emotional breakdown” in the next post.

5th, publish your most sacred creation eg: your fantasy stories about cats, in the next post. Again, basically saying “I x sengaja ter-EMO ari tu. skrg,ok dh.”. Also, to show “I’m awesome…. =PPPPP”.

6th, continue posting your stories until you say in the next post “aku bz, xsempat nak hbskan story. nxt tme la,hopefully”. Keep adding this specific statement in the next post you have, to show that you are still “awesome & PERASAN terer”.

7th, check your blog stats every now & then to see if your blog is readable & acceptable within the society. (Also, read other blogs to show your support for others. It’s fun & it’s a win-win thingy. U read, U know more about others)

8th, make yourself busy 4 a while with reality. Enjoy life, as what other people might call it.

9th, come back to blog life with a new post & a new creation of stories. State there that you have somehow undergone a self-realization phase & now, you are a changed person. (this is subjected to changes for every human hearts work differently from another)

10th, post something that is exactly what I am writing now.

11th, make the procedure THIS LONG. The most at the moment is 11 steps.

12th, think of another step to be listed inside this post. ( + org bca ka ini post oo..)

13th, put down the last step in the procedure with this & perhaps you may add in the rest of the steps after this 13th step:
“think of another step to be listed inside this post. (also fkr lgi sal "ada ka org bca ni?")”

14th, publish the post just now and post the link to a particular social network eg: Facebook. (on your status) Bear in mind that the title of the post must b something like a warning & stuff like "HOMAIGOD!!! U hv 2 read this!!!", so people would see d significance of the post better.

15th, pray & hope that the link receives comments 4rm others.

16th, check your blog stats to complete your cycle of life and this procedure.


TQ & I am happy with my life. I love my archery class. With my SuperWoman, Zati and new friends there. Gosh, I have a crush on this someone. =PPP