Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My most dark & disgusting habits!!

Hello Earthlings. =D

This time, I will share bits of stories regarding the habits of ..................
my pets.
(don't let d title fool u, people..=P)
 Most of them, d habits, are unusual. Believe me. 
~~ And insyaALLAH after this post, I will be posting again the latest continuation of POM story.~~ Finally!

So, what habits to share?

1) Drinking: (unfortunately, water, not booze) Whitey & Ngungut love going to d bathroom to drink. They will miao & stare at ur face if d door is closed. 
               That’s their way of asking u to open d door & let ‘em in.

  2) Staring: Chucul is d champ here. Apart 4rom d lying against d wall (just 2 support his weight while licking his tummy), he likes to stand & stare (u can refer 2 d left below section of d blog 2 see how Chucul does d stare). Sometimes I wonder whether ‘malaikat kanan & kiri’ are using Chucul’s body to watch what I’m doing.

  3) Suicidal tanning: (happens at any time, mostly in d morning (9-10am) & evening (5–7pm) ) Whitey conquers this particular habit. U see, b4 entering d car-parking place of my house, there’s a tar road. Like d road is tar-ed. Get it? neway, Whitey lies on d road, licking, enjoying d sun & all, until he goes zzzz on d spot. He sleeps like d dead, perfect time 2 sprinkle few dried leaves or flowers, maybe tiny stones on him. 

   Why I say it’s suicidal? Well, when dad or sis comes in with their car, they have to honk first because Whitey WILL NOT WAKE UP/MOVE AWAY!
   = D more u honk, d more deep his sleep is.  =    


This habit has its own agenda: gaining attention. Thus, 2 park, dad or sis (or me) has to go out & PICK him up 1st, then park d car. Sometimes, when a car comes, that’s like a queue for him to do tanning in d middle of d road.

 Those are d top 3 habits of my ruled pets. All are based on true facts. 

I almost 4got. I know now what people gain 4rom reading my blog. They will laugh & say 'bodoh' at d end. =D

Friday, June 24, 2011

BFFees (Best Fun Folks???)

Hello. =D

I’ve been great, thank u 4 wondering. LOL.

Right. I realized that I haven’t post anything about my bffees in this (I was so caught up with my pets). Huge apologies to: 

us 4..

I’m gonna make it up 2 u guys. Alphabetical order ok.

So, Anis:
She’s kinda like E! News person. Well, if u’re wondering about d latest dibs on hotties, especially bands, up-coming artists, then she is d right person 2 gossip with.

Next, Diana:
She’s d photographer in d gang. She hates it when she’s not in most of d photos. Anyway, if u’re into poetry (feelings/life-related), then she is d poet 2 collaborate with.

Finally, Aceng:
He’s d DUDE, d punching bag, d abused (victim??) & d perfect one
(bcause of his indirect hilariousness) 4 us 3.
Now, a little dirt about these 3. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHA!

>> 1 of them is secretly dying 2 b my PA (???) once I’m back dating Robert Pattinson, yeap.
>> 1 of them loves eating porridge using straw.
>> 1 of them hates 1 of the other 2 person’s hair.

P/s: These 3 r cool & open-minded (hehehehehe) people. Fun 2 hang with. I love them very much. If u feel like checking them out, click on their names. I linked them 2 their FB accounts. 2 of them hv tumblr, twitter & stuff. Maybe, I don’t know. 

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Debut 2 d World: Pungut De Blusher

Yay! I managed to not stick with the ‘update blog everyday’ motto. I’m proud of myself. Anyway, currently I’m at home, surrounded by people of my kind. Yup, I do mean my cats. Previous, previous, previous post, I did an interview with this Renji ginger cat. I got that idea from Under The Paw blog (littlecatdiaries blogspot). Seriously, if you're a cat person or maybe you've just realized that you're cool, awesome, pls follow this Under The Paw blog. =D

This time, the interview would be about Pungut/Bajeng Blusher (real name). 

My sis found him when he was just tiny & vulnerable. Now, with God’s permission, Pungut or famously known as Ngungut, he’s like a dog but a cat, you know. Follows me 4 a run every morning, basically follows everyone to EVERYWHERE!!! 

Do check out my little interview with this fluff of cuteness.

How r u, Ngungut?

= I’m aite. Chillin’ & stuffs, u knw…

How do u like d name Pungut so far? Does it reflect ur personality well?
= well, 2 b honest dudes, can I call u thats? Mmm.. I’m jst grateful thats I has a name, u knw. Cece took me in & I’m cool wth thats. Like d other day, I bumped into ths black miao 4rm nxt door, we wre chillin’ n talkin’. He tolds me his name. OMG dudes! I can’t even say d name. So not cools, u knw.
Personality? Watcha mean dudes? U sayin’ thats my name is not well?? I’m cool, dudes! (rawrrs like crazy) Can u sees thats? Wat r u? blind?!?

Err… yea, yeah.. I can see that Ngungut. Well, mmm.. I think I hv everything that I need 4rm this interview. Great chatting with u. mmm… ok.
= what? That alls?? I mean where’s d cookies? They said I gets cookies after interview. (rawrrs at some random cat) hey u! gets my cookies here! Pronto!


later Earthlings~~~