Friday, October 29, 2010

4: The Hunt

Rushing down from the guarding house, Bobo yelled out to one of his men that came running from another direction towards him.

“What has happened? Is the Arem at harm?”
“No, Sire. But something… something else. Come quick, Sire.”

Following him at the back, both Bobo and Marid looked at each other with questioning eyes. Bobo felt his heart beating fast and a sudden pain waved over him. He felt it in his heart and then, he collapsed.

“My Lord, Prince Clan is here.”
King Bobeus nodded and granted the prince’s arrival.

“Come in son.”
“Yes, Father”, answered Prince Clan obediently.
“How was your hunting this morning? Have you managed to capture as many Perunas as you can?”
“It was fruitful, Father.”
Grinning gladly, he added more, “I had my claws on more than 6 Perunas today. Well-built Perunas, all of them.”

“Good. You have improved, my son”, praised the king. He just smiled looking at his prince talking and acting out his hunt in front of him, as if he was trying to prove that the victorious hunt did happen. Still, the king felt proud of him. Any father would be if they were to have such a brave and strong son.

“Alright Clan. I can see how well you did at hunting. Do not flatter yourself too much, my young prince”, the king burst into a sudden laughter when Prince Clan still continued his act-of-hunt with the sharp claws of his paws.

After a while, both of the king and prince sat down on their dining table, enjoying their supper of roasted honey deer. Prince Clan’s sister, Thavine, joined them a little late that night.

“Forgive me, Father. I had few matters to be handled just now”, explained Prince Thavine to the king. She sat near him and quickly, the servants prepared plates and food for her.

“What matters that you might have, Thavine? All you do all day long is be a princess and God knows what more”, complained Prince Clan.

“You are a blind and arrogant fool, my brother. What makes you think you know what I actually do here in this massive palace? Perhaps, having to pride out such baby hunt of yours this morning had blocked out your sense of brain completely”, answered Thavine with such insult to her young brother. 
Clan was about to argue back at her when the king suddenly said, “Enough, the both of you. Have you no manners upon such good food that we have in front of us? My goodness!”

Smiling at her father, Thavine gracefully walked to his chair and curled down. She spoke softly to the king while reaching out to hold his paw.

“My dear Father. I am sorry. But I just hate it when my presence here is not well appreciated. You do know that I do not just stay around and do nothing, don’t you Father?”
“Hmmm… Yes, my child. I do know. I am not as blind as your brother is”, pointing towards Prince Clan, who was obviously taken aback by that statement. 
The king just laughed looking at the expression on Clan’s face. Thavine was also laughing at Clan. The blamed prince forced out a smiling face at them and then continued finishing his meal.

Their supper was then disturbed by Ganka, the king’s loyal assistant and knight.

“Forgive me for the intrusion, My Lord. But there is a matter of high importance that I wish to inform you.”
“Can’t it wait after my supper? Can’t you see I am with my children, Ganka? A time which I do not like to be disturbed of by anything”, said King Bobeus angrily.

“But My Lord, this matter is concerning the sake of your kingdom. It is about the Mercilesste, Your Highness”, answered Ganka firmly. 
Hearing this, the king’s face turned a bit pale. He then quickly asked to be excused from the supper and went away with Ganka. 
Prince Clan only stared at his father. He heard the name mentioned by Ganka before. He overheard a conversation between the king and Prince Thom few weeks ago. The name was brought up. But when he asked the king about it, the king only said it was not Prince Clan’s concern to know such matter. Prince Clan was obviously dissatisfied with the remark given for he knows that he deserves to know all that concerns the kingdom.

In the king’s Crown room, Ganka explained more to his Highness.

“My sources informed me that Bobo of Araw has the help of an Elmish, Sire.”
“Yes, Your Highness. I believed that the Elmish and Bobo are of good acquaintances and they have known each other for long. The Elmish is called Marid. Marid Meon Arqeem.”
King Bobeus became alarmed when he heard Marid’s name.
“Are you certain about this, Ganka?”
“Yes, Your Highness. I would not have disturbed your night if I were not fully certain about it, My Lord.”
“I see.” The only purr that the king managed to utter.
“What are your orders now, My Lord?” asked Ganka.

The king walked closely to the front of his opened window and stared at the night outside his kingdom. There was the sight of the moon. 

Its light shone down on every path on the land. The king just stared at the moon. He was silent for a moment, pondering over the sudden news he had just received. Then he said,

“Prepare my horse for tomorrow. By dawn, we will go to Nawid.”

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hello fellow Earthlings.
The Pudings is the name for a group of close friends in this one particular university. The name came up when they were in the first semester and it sticks till now. =D
I will take some spaces to talk more about this group. I will not type out their real names due to nothing. HAHA! The group consists of individuals that are born-with-HUMOUR, born-with-a-HEART-for-all, born-with-RATIONALITY-of-mind, born-with-LEADERSHIP-of-a-true-King, born-with-a-need-of-JUSTIFICATION-towards-the World and born-with-ECCENTRICITY-of-an-infinite-size.   
As one of the Pudings, all I can say is that I’m just a normal human being who has the ambition of writing and producing children storybooks for the future generation to come. Yes, I have said it, my part-time goal here, on Earth. The Pudings all have their things that I fully respect. No words best describe them except for “EPIC”.

“Dear Almighty, I know I haven’t been the best daughter for Mr. Sandim. I know I have lots to learn about everything. But please bless my story and others to come, InsyaALLAH, for that is my way of showing that I deserved to be his daughter. I may not have the strength to enroll myself into accounts or engineering field, but I do have the confidence and love for English. Let that be enough to make my dad, the Multilingual Banker Man, proud.”


---To all TESLians out there, let us all rise and prevail in the battle of The Second Language Acquisition. Do it for the love of the language. Honor the responsibilities given to us and insyaALLAH, we will graduate with flawless command over the language of English.---

Alright then, back to my agenda. Purr of Meowens (POM). I am aware that not many have the hearts for fantasy-fiction stories especially with mine where I use cats as my characters. I mean how weird and absurd is that? I am still learning to write and I apologize for any wrongdoings or anything that I may have caused upon on certain people. It was not deliberately done; I can assure all of you that. And forgive me again for the way I write this crappy post seems to make people think about this one question: “Do people read her blog?”.

Wait a minute… I just thought of something which is funny in a way. I have no trouble in creating fake stories but I am in no way, any good at doing my minor subject that is Literary Criticism. I don’t have the words to criticize critically about the short stories and I suck at relating things that had happened in real life to the stories. Makes me think of “I’m useless at writing if I can’t bloody criticize a short story!!!”.

Still, the story has to go on. It’s a promise that I made to someone and I’m going to own up to that promise. Even if it takes me 3 years to completely finish it all.
Here are some things that I wish to share:
  • In my head, cats are cool because they can lick themselves without having to choke over the fur collected on their uniquely-designed tongues.
Taken from the Internet
  • Through my experience, cats are cunning and just plain evil for they have the tendency to steal from their master and be all cute-lovey-dubby crap after having to commit crimes that are so beyond wickedness. 
Taken from the Internet
  • My angel, Whitey is actually King Bobeus in the story. He weighs more now, heavier than before. He is aging and that makes me utterly sad. I wish for him the longevity that he can get.

  • Through my days here in the university life, I have came across many, I shall say, new acquaintances. Cats from different backgrounds, colors, sizes and so on. I am a lover of cats, you see. While other people live life like there’s no tomorrow, ignoring all the small and other living creatures, I take most of my time to observe and appreciate the beauty of the cats has to offer. You will be surprised how strong the cats are compared to us humans. Anyways, these new friends of mine are the characters of POM.

>>> I would like to explain the previous post that has been published couple of days ago. It was unplanned; it just had to be said. To be sincerely honest, I am in a state where my heart couldn’t possibly make and do any rational consideration over the true facts that had happened. In other words, I just lost it! F*. It’s not supposed to be this hard. Others experienced things way worse than mine but here I am, complaining about the hardship I’m going through. I’ll work on it. Just so you know, I don’t have any hatreds in me, just “sorry that I wasn’t good enough for you”. <<<

Sunday, October 17, 2010

3: A night at Araw - The Dream

One day, while Prince Clan was training claws with his assistants, he hurt himself until he fainted out. He was unconscious for a while. The physician reported to the King that Prince Clan was not in great pain, perhaps he was worn out by exhaustion, and for that, he fainted. Prince Clan awoken that night by the sight of the most beautiful lady meow he had ever seen. He was not able to utter a single purr for he was amazed by her beauty. The lady meow was at that moment preparing the prince’s diner. The meow stopped after realizing that the prince was staring at her.

“Forgive me, My Lord. I did not mean to wake you. I was sent by the King to prepare food for you, My Lord”
“Need not to worry, ermm… What is your name?”
“Sanea, My Lord. Uhmmm… Well, I shall leave you to your diner, My Lord.”
“Wait. Why is it that I never seen you before?”

Sanea went pale a bit.

“Please forgive me, Sanea. It is just that I am quite taken by your presence. Not because I do not like you but because you are the most beautiful lady meow I have ever seen, and… and here you are, preparing my food. I could not believe that you’re here as my servant.”
“My Lord, I’m just doing my duty. Ermmm… Enjoy your diner.” Sanea bowed and quickly went out from the prince’s room.
“Oh God! Can’t believed I said that”, whispered Prince Clan to himself.

“We shall take ford here for the night. We will head towards the north of Mountain Kaz and from there, we will take the downhill road to the Valley of Araw”, commanded Prince Thom to his men.

Their journey was almost three days from Meowen Kingdom. Prince Thom had led the armies of Coal to take down Bobo of Araw under the order of King Bobeus. Prince Thom was determined to search for the Mercilesste, however he was uncertain for what he shall do next after having to capture him. With that in his mind, he went to rest and wished that some guidance would come to his dream, and show him what to do.

After moments of resting, came dawn and the journey continued.
“Dear God, bless us all with your light for we, I need to know if my doing now is a mistake”, prayed the prince and went the armies of Coal.

The sun was out, darkness evolved throughout the place, only the moon became the light for those who are still awake. Marid was one of them. He volunteered to take the turn of guarding the gates of Araw. Being an Elmish, Marid was looked upon with much respect from his lower men and the people of Araw themselves. His features, his speed and his strength were somehow became the reasons for such nobility given by them. The Elmish community was the Caretakers of the Land of the living. They were born with fine strength and were given the immortality in life.

“The night is calm. Don’t you think so, my mighty Elmish?”, asked Bobo who just came from his chamber.
“It is indeed, Ruler of Araw. What brings you out here, Sire?”

“How many times shall I remind you to never call me that, Marid? We are not strangers. I have known and fought with you side by side for God knows how many battles that had occurred in the past. Please my friend. Bobo is what you must address me to, and not Sire.”

Laughing, Marid answered him. “Alright then, do not get your temper into a rise here, Bobo. I was only fooling you. Tell me now, what is in your mind at the moment? I have never seen you looked this troubled before.”
“Oh. Nothing is troubling me.”
“You can never fool me, my old friend. You must be forgetting that I am capable of sensing the minds of mortals whenever I wish to, didn’t you”
 “Now there. You have just violated our friendship by creeping into my thoughts without my consent. I shall make you pay for that”, punched Marid in the stomach.

Avoiding the punches, Marid said “I would have not done that if you told me the truth, Bobo”. Smiling wickedly, he touched him at the shoulder and was about to talk again when Bobo interrupted him.
“I just could not find the words to tell you, Marid. My heart is has never felt this way. It is against every stand that I believed in and it is absurd! It is an absurd thing to feel.”
“What do you mean, Bobo?”
“I have been feeling such at loss for the past few weeks. Every night, I have this dream. The same dream over and over again. What does it mean, Marid?”
“For someone to dream is not a sinful thing to do, my friend. It is actually a gift that… “
“That is not what I am trying to… “

All of a sudden, the Bell of Araw sounded.

Monday, October 11, 2010

2: A New Hope - Merciless Knight

The Valley of Araw had always been feared by others that walk among that land. Night or day, danger lurked and for that Bobo of Araw had gained himself a name, which the livings fear for eternity.

“I fight no one whose path never crosses mine. Blood shall be paid for those who do. And mercy, I will never show!”

Those were the words of Bobo, the Mercilesste. The wrath of the Mercilesste reached Meowen kingdom and King Bobeus was filled with dissatisfaction for he was not able to abide with the existence of another great being. In his heart, he felt challenged and for that, he asked for his men to gather their armies of Coal and kill Bobo of Araw.

Prince Thom was completely against the King’s order; however, he had no choice but to fully obey his King and do his duty by commanding the armies. His only reason for having to defy the order was that he saw hope in Bobo of Araw, one hope that will bring his beloved kingdom to its rightful place. King Bobeus was not a man of his words and his powers were beyond anyone. Many lives were lost because of the King. Innocent souls had been taken and brutally abused just to fulfill his needs and wants. As the capture of Bobo had been sentenced, Prince Thom could only wish and pray for a miracle.


Back in the Valley of Araw, Bobo was having trouble resting in his chambers. He was having his dreams again.

… “Sanea. Where have you gone to, my sweet Sanea?... (chased after her) Take my paw and come away with me. “ …

 Sanea, my lady 

The dream awoke him every night and every time, he felt helpless. He could not explain the reasons for such turmoil in him.

One of his right men, Marid, an Elmish, said to himself about this,

“When one’s heart is bounded by the beauty of love, all he shall see is that. The good and power of love will blind him from the lurking of Evil behind every edges of the path he crosses. He is not to be blamed for such gift as he, Bobo of Araw, has never been enveloped with such feelings.”

Another fellow knights overheard what Marid said and immediately answered him,

“His people will see this as a sign from the Lioneds, oh wise Marid.”

“Then the time has come, at last,” 

said the Elmish knight.


Enough provisions were given to the people of Meowen. They all had places to live in and medicine needed was never getting charged off.  This is because Prince Clan was responsible over the handlings of the people. He was indeed a kind man for he cared so much about his people and their well-being. Little that they know, the prince they came to have respected for was…