Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Acquaintance

Greetings dear earthlings.
Purr of Meowens will be continued soon, in my future post.
This is due to the fact that I may get bored of telling the story, plus, I am currently low with ideas on how to precede my so-called Land of Meowen.

 I am at the moment working on some projects, which most people called them as “ASSIGNMENT”. I prefer the word “COURSEWORK” though. By nature, it sounds more uncommon and ethical. Despite being succumbed into the state of “ASSignment” and go all cuckoo every minute of every day, I managed to embark, yet again, into my other goals of life that is pursuing Kingdom of Cats.

Yes, I know. Having a blog about cats is just an absurd thing to have. (I seriously do not have a life, that is why I was given this golden opportunity to write and fight for the rights of Cats around the world) Most common reaction of people about this is “STUPID” or “WTF”. I honestly appreciate those ‘comments’ because every human being on this very planet is entitled to their own opinion. Good or bad, they are still comments and whether we like it or not, we are born to accept them into the tiny heads of ours. This is what I like to call “The Freedom to Speak”, also the “Cycle of Life”. 
Better to have negative comments rather than have none at all. <<< That’s one way of making yourself feel better after receiving bad reviews from people.

Back to business, shall we?

I present to you, Bowange.

I met her (it's a she) when I was with the Pudings. We were at Bitara Siswa, UPSI, looking for our 'lucky' books for one of our subjects. I can tell you this, searching for those books was not fun at all. I was like ZzZzZz... Oh wait. I'm always like that. =D

Anyway, I saw a 'light' when I turned to look at the mountain-fall-wannabe, sculptured at the middle of that building. I saw Bowange! The site of her fur-licking made me go "Sweet!!! Furballs!!!" 

So, as usual, I came running towards her. Correction, not running, but briskly walking. I shouted Nina (another member of Pudings) to join me in admiring this beautiful orange cat. The others were still busy searching for the books. 

Although the moment was short, I truly believed that I made a connection with Bowange. 

She enjoyed our company very much. When you look at the above picture closely, you can see a glimpse of Master Yoda in her. [feel hatred, you must not, my young Padawan ~~~ ] <<< Not sure with that

Before bidding farewells and goodbyes, I would like to explain that the name 'Bowange' is just one of my creations. 

P/S: I am truly grateful for having Effadila Su'aif, Hannina Mustafa, Elyana Zahari, Josphine Jampi and of course, Shafiah Sulaiman here.  
Please bear with me for another 2 years more. 

Any questions pertaining cats or other creatures of God are most welcomed in this blog. I am hoping and wishing that I find another friend@acquaintance that share the same love and interest for cats. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

1: Purr of Meowens

A land of glory, wisdom and life.
That land was called Meowen. Within the very land, laid a kingdom ruled by the Great King Bobeus. 

Old, he was still standing proudly with his crown of Coal. The next line for his throne was to fall onto the paws of the King's princes and princesses.

The oldest prince for the crown was Prince Thom. However, his existence had been ignored completely by the king for the prince was not truly from the blood of Gan Bobeus, the king's late brother. Prince Thom, 
"I promise you Mother, I will gain the truth"

had never known his real roots for his mother, Lady Navea, constantly refused his questions about his blood father. Now, since the death of Lady Navea, Prince Thom can only accept what was wished upon him by the king. He believed that one day, he will rule Meowen. He will be the greatest King of Meowen the mimiaos will ever see and hear. 
As Prince Thom did his duties with full obedience each day, the King's youngest prince, Prince Clan, 

grew and became as wild as Prince Thom was when he was just little. Prince Clan was seen as the better future throne of Meowen in the eyes of King Bobeus. 

No one had ever dared to go against the King's orders and wishes. So, as the days passed by, Prince Clan was no longer seen as the bubbly kitteh but the strong and wise future king.


In another land, a Bobo, exiled from the civilization, ruled a place called the Valley of Araw. The Bobo, stories from mimiaos that had traveled outside from Meowen, was said to have the power and strength of a wild flock of Lioneds. No one had actually seen the real face of the Bobo. His name was never been whispered for only the Lords of Lioneds knew his true nature and name. Thus, he was only known as Bobo of Araw.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Paws Raya

Wow. I'm amazed by myself. I'm still holding on to this blog thing. Hahaha. 
Enough of that, moving on to my real conquest for this particular post of mine. It's Syawal month, everyone. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

My cats were prepared well for it. They were bathed and cleaned by me of course. All 9 of them. I have this thing where my cats have to be bathed before the arrival of any celebration,event or certain dates. For instance, before the Ramadhan and even before my flight back to that place, somewhere on earth. They do get baths every 2 to 3 weeks. In a way, it's a must. I mean the spending on them cost like so f-ing high. Of course, by the laws outlined by my house, they ought to look like (even smell) decent creatures of God. They were put to live for some purposes and I'm sure one of them is to be hugged lovingly. So, yea. They were so ready for Raya. 
Unfortunately, during the first day of Raya, pagi raya that is, i had to lock them up in their cages. 

Clues on reasons for locking them up:
- Raya food.
- All doors are opened.
- Raya food again.
- Cousins and relatives are present.
- The cats... HUNGRY! (even after they got their meals)

My cats are spoiled-weirdos-thieves. I mean, they can fish out ikan keli (mostly in big sizes) in the little pond, in front of our house, using their paws! And for Raya food to be placed out in the open on the table, where the back, front and windows are wide opened, it's like rezeki falling from the sky for those cats! 
They had to spend the rest of their first Raya in the cages, sleeping and mopping around about their miserable 2 weeks life-with-the-*-master zafira-*.

"i no longer stand this... I need freedom"

"i'm not going to look at you for this 1 day!!!"

They still love me. They hate me most of the time though. I am so proud of myself. =D

Oh ya! This is for Pudings.

I'm eating okay? Healthy again 

We will meet again, earthlings. Farewell for now.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin
Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, September 06, 2010

The First Saga: A Start

Good day earthlings! Good day my fellow friends!

A blog, my blog. This is indeed a wonderful (more like weird) way of starting my Aidilfitri holidays. Guess it's okay because i have some sort of a plan for this particular blog of mine. A plan which does not (will not) touch on certain individuals or perhaps, certain things. 

[ for Pudings, especially Sophie Michii, i dedicate this to you. I know what you're thinking about. HAHAHAHAHAHA... I'm such a hypocrite... ]

The focus of my new adventure here is about CATS. To be precise, my cats, my PETS. 
Alright then. I shall begin by telling a bit of historic (to me) events n stories on how my life is joined by my pets. When i was just a kid, around the age of 4 to 5, my grandparents were the ones who took care of me while my parents were away for work. My only friend and companion at home was Baby Cul. He was the first cute cat i have ever seen. The name "Baby Cul" was not his real name though (till now, his real identity is still unknown). I'm pretty sure that i was the only one who called him by that name. 

The above is not really a story, people. I was just exaggerating just now. My passion and love for cats grew stronger every day while i was growing up. My uncle brought few to our place (living with grandparents at that time) and the cats just... Well... They produce more and more of their species. Now, my family, our family, the Fashar's Kingdom have more than 20 cats. At my house alone is 9 altogether. So... It's easy to say that my dad's side is all cat people/person or whatever. 
and I am PROUD to be one.. =D
Okay, enough about introduction crap. Lets move on to cats. 
hmmm... The Cat Tree... 

Anjang@Chubby and brother, Endek were adopted into my place, the Sandim's Family.
My aunt's cat, Kitty who lived at my grandparents' had many kittehs. Her kittehs were Komeng, Mamat and Momot. Only those that i can recall. Anyways, Kitty was seen as the ancestor and leader of our cat family. She was half bobo and white cat. She was a dream cat, capable of any cat stunts and was a dear furball in our family. Her wild and adventurous spirit can be seen through her daughters, especially in Momot.
Momot lived at my place. She was a black white cat. Her black is as dark as anyone can imagine and smooth, oh, why she is a true beauty... She, later became Chubby's life partner. A bond was made and therefore, the cat family grew and blossomed. They had their first successful kittehs together, Busta, Yoda, Sparrow and lastly, Whitey.  
Busta@Junior was the big brother and cutest of all. His sister, Sparrow was my apprentice at the moment. I trained her for a while before i started my matriculation life. She was a loner cat, unlike her sister, Yoda. Yoda was really friendly and love getting all the attention. I used to hate her for that. Finally, Whitey. He is the last one standing. When Busta died (d cause of death is unknown), Whitey had trouble adjusting his daily life without him. This is because they were brothers for life. They were playmates. But as time passed, Whitey accepted the fact and he moved on. He became a new furball. He became the new leader of the house. 

I present to you my wingman, angel and my life,Whitey Lee JaRule
(i know... i know... the name!!)

A black spot that shows he was born to lead

Whitey became my one furball 2 years ago. Two years ago, i had Chubby. Siamese kinda-looking with a pair of gorgeous blue eyes. Chubby was taken from me when i was busy (nahh) completing my journey in Labuan Matriculation College, KML. I lost a good companion but i found a new friendship with his son, Whitey.. 

My current apprentice (i see myself as the master of furballs) is Kopi. Kopi, a she, is the granddaughter of the late Yoda, Whitey's sister.. Yoda's only daughter, Mimi gave birth to Kopi when, again, i was away from home. Kopi is a black coffee cat with a tiny white spots on her tummy-chest and below chin. She, now has turned into a beautiful, fluffy feline furball. Her fur is as smooth as silk and she is as flexible as a rubber band (!!!). I honestly, was amazed by her cuteness. 

Me lady of the Future

The next furballs, i shall introduce some other time. Perhaps in the next 2 3 days. 

I almost forgot the most important thing that i want to point out in this blog. As you can read through the things i have said/typed, it is noticeable that i used few terms that are not quite normal-term-based kind of words. I call these terms or jargons as Paw Language. For instance:
  • colour. "bobo" is to describe the colour of a tiger-ish cats. The black stripes.
  • general term, "furball" is to indicate the creature cats themselves. They lick themselve, so, do the math, people... 
  • "kitteh", cuter than kitten. Cat way... 
p/s: i lost my Bobo miao in a battle of God-knows-what... I have lost my cat buddy... I'll miss you,bobo...