Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Therapeutic help needed... Rawwwrrr!!!

Chewy is back, baby!!!

alone? nahh... my dawgs are with me, always... 
Apparently, the holidays were more than I had expected. I loved it!!! 

Kopi - colour code Black
Chucul - colour code Bobo with white socks

Kopi   : Wake up fatty.
Chucul: (purring)
Kopi   : Dude, your head is so fat from up here. It’s sick!
Chucul: wt*… shut up, sis.
Kopi   : Man… I can’t stop looking at it. Weird bro… 

Bajeng - colour code full Bobo

Bajeng/The Blusher       : Wow… What’s that?

Bajeng                        : Oh my God! It’s moving!
Bajeng                        : Wicked dude… LOL… so awesome… (stoned mode)

Whitey - colour code white with black spots

Whitey: Tar spa and dried leaves therapy… hmmm.. this is the life…

*you're not a loser no matter what you're going through...*

Monday, December 06, 2010

Boing Boing!!!

I will be going back to Kuching today at 3.15 pm. I can’t wait to hug Whitey and poke Chucul!

Anyway, this time, my post would be a little different. (Aku still obses dengan species kucing!HAHA!)Yesterday, Sunday, 5th of December was like a day of realization for me. Before I babble more on it, let me post these below.

a white owange miao

a bowange meow @a long blushered-meow

The above are mimiaos at my uncle’s, in Shah Alam. These two unique furballs were so friendly towards me (because of my aura, I’m adored by every mimiaos) that I turned to an ecstatic mode in just 2 seconds.   

Videos of the blusher acting all cute will be posted on Facebook, in my account of course.
The things that had my heart and head go all “amazed”… Will be on another post of another time in the nearest future, I hope.