Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mangan Peyek yok!!!

Continuation of Jawa Mode:

Now, all/most Muslims r basically preparing 4 d most awaited (sort of) festive season ever: Hari Raya Aidilfitri. (falls on every Syawal month)

(preferring 2 Malaysians now)

People baking d customary-traditional food/cakes/cookies etc, is 1 of d preparations. (‘kuih raya’ = basically means Raya food, specifically d ones dat prepared by baking)

Speaking of preparation, those 4rm different family-root bkground, they may hv a slightly different Raya preparation in mind. Since this is my blog, I’ll only be touching on my family’s Raya preparation.

No need 4 any Jawa intro (u can check >>>> KENDURI STYLE JAWA , my family’s bkground is included in there). 

Cookie (biskut Raya eg: Almond London, Biskut Cincin) baking had been completed by my Mom (she’s a SuperLady… I did help a bit, though. Hihihi) a few days ago. 

 Next, (currently doing it) is ‘Peyek’ making. My super Mom is feeling super ‘rajin’ (d opposite of lazy), so that’s y laaa~

*Peyek = a Jawa traditional food.

Original name would b = TEMPEYEK


Tepung Beras (rice flour) – 1 packet (depending on ur needs: d more flour, d more peyek u get)

Santan Kelapa pekat (coconut milk, preferably fresh) – 2 coconuts (depending, as well, on ur needs: eg: 2 packets of flour ~ 4 coconuts)

*spices: Ketumbar (blended coriander) - few spoons

*spices: Jintan (caraway) – few bits

Bawang Putih (Garlic – blended/mashed/ground) – 2 cloves (1 packet flour = 2 cloves of garlic, not d whole round bunch)

Telur (Egg) – 1 egg (depending on d amount of flour used)

Garam (Salt) – use ur common sense 2 adjust d taste (hehehe.. it is supposedly taste like a normal salty with a pinch of kinda-herbal spiciness from d spices)

*toppings: Ikan Bilis (Anchovies) & Kacang Tanah yg mentah (raw peanut)

Below r few photos I managed 2 take:

Rice flour + coconut milk + d spices + egg + salt + garlic
(d batter need not b that concentrated, medium concentration = easy frying later on)

Heat up d cooking oil (lots of it)

Prepare d-about-2-b-fried Peyek batter (put in d 2 toppings: anchovies & peanuts)

Using a scoop (in d previous photo, u can see it), pour d batter at d side of d pan. Make sure it's not that too far away from d oil level. Pour d hot oil all over d becoming-peyek batter. 
(yup, that's d original shape of peyek, just in case u were wondering)

PEYEK done!!! 

See how thin it is... It is kinda like a snack/cracker (kerepek)
D peanut + anchovy bulging on top of it.

***** I am writing this with the intention of purely sharing some knowledge I have on the Jawa culture. If somehow I offended some Javanese situated in the Peninsular Malaysia, therefore, I am truly sorry. I do hope that it's still the same with u guys there. *****

[Any questions or interest, shy not, dear friend, just go on & ask/consult me.]

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

gimme just 5 mins & read me~

Ok, I’m sitting next to my hamster’s cage & I’m like watching Chucul eating some of boiled kacang kuda… this mite sound stupid but I think I got a big ‘kesedaran’. 
No, I don’t get hungry just cuz my pet is eating at the moment & I’m watching her!
(watching while typing ol ths, at ths very moment)

So, anyway, ‘kesedaran’. Yea, I’m positive dat every1 has crushes on certain special person.
“aku ada crush kat sorg ni. *senyum malu2* dia senyum kat aku td. Gosh..cute gilerr!!!” ^^^^^
I’m sure every1 has had dat sort of feelings. well, there’s a point in life where u just can’t stand it & u wnt so badly 4 dat person 2 notice u!!!!

**Anis, if u’re reading this, Alex Turner will nvr propose 2 u on ur bday, so stop it, ok? stop drooling... just stop...

Alrite, all jokes & craps aside, I realized dat it’s good 2 hv a crush every now & then bcuz u can gain many FRIENDS from it.

E.g: u like ths 1 person, so u try asking around wth ur friends & their friends abt him/her, gossip abt it, stalking him/her in Facebook, add him/her as friends, checking out their photos, accidentally found out that ur friends r his/her friends also, asking favors 4rm friends 2 hook u up with him/her & d bla bla bla… It goes on, people~

(Sorry, I hv really weird ways of showing my ‘objektif sebenar entry blog’.)

What I wanted 2 say is…
It’s d good beautiful Ramadhan month & here I am talking abt ths. Don’t take it d wrong way k, but this post is especially dedicated 2 my friends who r abt 2 tie d knot after Syawal month, friends who hv been engaged 2 their loved ones, friends who hv started their sweet love-like life & friends who r just awesome friends 2 me.

I wish I can find d rite & beautifully romantic words 2 congrats ol of u but nope, I suck at sweet words, so, ol I can offer is my best prayers to u. =)

** Life goes on, people grow old & forgetful faster nowadays, so forgive me if it took me a long time 2 realize dat I love my friends!
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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Making Experience into hope-to-be helpful tips Chapter 1

Few experiences into hope-to-be helpful tips:

From my experience, the term of owning a pet indeed comes with great responsibilities. For those who have more than 5/6 pets like me, well, things can go out of hands, sometimes. I’m no cat-expert, professionally, but I am very well-adapted with the life as a pet owner. Since cats have been in our family for generations, I’m proud to say that I’m a miao person.

Let me put some of past experience and knowledge into good use, okay?
Let’s see.
Mmmm… a friend of mine was having some second thoughts about adopting a pet, precisely a cat. Well, for a person who loves cats but fear of getting scratch at, fear of sudden attention-seeking biting, fear of sudden purring at ur feet etc, it’s a normal feeling. 

So maybe these little bits of info might lighten your fear up??

- The bite & claws of a kitten may sting a bit at first because they are newborns. All teeth & nail-based body parts are still new & fresh.

 (mcm baru kena asah) It’s a bit like human babies’ nail la.

- ***** The bites of an adult cat is 10 times hurtful than the kitten’s, sometimes more when the cat feel threatens/in the midst of fighting another cat/just plain evil. (protective mode on!)

- If u’re lucky enough to adopt one that is naturally playful & feisty, then u’re in for a really big treat. HAHAHAHA! (mcm2 la kena gigit, cakar, tarik, kunyah tpi all in d name of fun)

- To overcome the 2nd point above & give the best effort in welcoming the kitten into the family, u might want to consider getting a complete-cat stuffs. The stuffs are:
o   Cage (optional, myb dh ada kotak),

o   cage sheets (kain/blankie tdo = tshirt lma yg x pakai lg),
o   potty-train (u can get d pasir & ol dat easily. *better if ada housing area yg luas with a yard/padang kecik, so that once kitten dh besar, u cn teach it 2 poop at appropriate places)
o   cat food ( + drinks la) (nasi with blended ikan bilis/ikan/chicken/tulang kfc = basic meal, cat crackers as occasional snacking fud. *byk brand of cat fud, so choose wisely because cats do get food poisoning, eg: cirit-birit etc.)
o   Toys (optional, cats need fun oso maa~~ can be homemade thread ball, paper ball, mom’s kain pelekat, old teddy bears, mom’s pasu bunga in d living rum etc.)
o   LOVE & CARE (includes time, disciplinary upbringing, leasure & ol other stuff that use ur common sense to figure out)

- If u’re end up getting a cool, quiet & loner kitten, 
well, don’t let ur guard down that easily because kittens like that are the difficult ones when it comes to health issues (they won’t miao loudly & jst hibernates weakly. (cat flu CEPAT attack kitten, pagi mgkin sihat walafiat then noon, tba2 nazak~R.I.P = this means u hv 2 get it 2 d vet 2 b injected, a.s.a.p! *d flu attacks through virus, symptoms: leher/tekak mengecil, trying so hard to breathe, kurang mkn)

Well, I think I’ve said what’s important in handling a cat pet. These are all basics (to keep ‘em alive, well & loved)
My awesome advice to u, friend: Let the kitten smell ur hands first. 
U wnna keep it? 
then u gotta make it trust u & pray dat u smell ‘angelic’. 
& d rest will b no problemo 2 u, insyaALLAH~