Wednesday, August 10, 2011

gimme just 5 mins & read me~

Ok, I’m sitting next to my hamster’s cage & I’m like watching Chucul eating some of boiled kacang kuda… this mite sound stupid but I think I got a big ‘kesedaran’. 
No, I don’t get hungry just cuz my pet is eating at the moment & I’m watching her!
(watching while typing ol ths, at ths very moment)

So, anyway, ‘kesedaran’. Yea, I’m positive dat every1 has crushes on certain special person.
“aku ada crush kat sorg ni. *senyum malu2* dia senyum kat aku td. Gosh..cute gilerr!!!” ^^^^^
I’m sure every1 has had dat sort of feelings. well, there’s a point in life where u just can’t stand it & u wnt so badly 4 dat person 2 notice u!!!!

**Anis, if u’re reading this, Alex Turner will nvr propose 2 u on ur bday, so stop it, ok? stop drooling... just stop...

Alrite, all jokes & craps aside, I realized dat it’s good 2 hv a crush every now & then bcuz u can gain many FRIENDS from it.

E.g: u like ths 1 person, so u try asking around wth ur friends & their friends abt him/her, gossip abt it, stalking him/her in Facebook, add him/her as friends, checking out their photos, accidentally found out that ur friends r his/her friends also, asking favors 4rm friends 2 hook u up with him/her & d bla bla bla… It goes on, people~

(Sorry, I hv really weird ways of showing my ‘objektif sebenar entry blog’.)

What I wanted 2 say is…
It’s d good beautiful Ramadhan month & here I am talking abt ths. Don’t take it d wrong way k, but this post is especially dedicated 2 my friends who r abt 2 tie d knot after Syawal month, friends who hv been engaged 2 their loved ones, friends who hv started their sweet love-like life & friends who r just awesome friends 2 me.

I wish I can find d rite & beautifully romantic words 2 congrats ol of u but nope, I suck at sweet words, so, ol I can offer is my best prayers to u. =)

** Life goes on, people grow old & forgetful faster nowadays, so forgive me if it took me a long time 2 realize dat I love my friends!
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