Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mangan Peyek yok!!!

Continuation of Jawa Mode:

Now, all/most Muslims r basically preparing 4 d most awaited (sort of) festive season ever: Hari Raya Aidilfitri. (falls on every Syawal month)

(preferring 2 Malaysians now)

People baking d customary-traditional food/cakes/cookies etc, is 1 of d preparations. (‘kuih raya’ = basically means Raya food, specifically d ones dat prepared by baking)

Speaking of preparation, those 4rm different family-root bkground, they may hv a slightly different Raya preparation in mind. Since this is my blog, I’ll only be touching on my family’s Raya preparation.

No need 4 any Jawa intro (u can check >>>> KENDURI STYLE JAWA , my family’s bkground is included in there). 

Cookie (biskut Raya eg: Almond London, Biskut Cincin) baking had been completed by my Mom (she’s a SuperLady… I did help a bit, though. Hihihi) a few days ago. 

 Next, (currently doing it) is ‘Peyek’ making. My super Mom is feeling super ‘rajin’ (d opposite of lazy), so that’s y laaa~

*Peyek = a Jawa traditional food.

Original name would b = TEMPEYEK


Tepung Beras (rice flour) – 1 packet (depending on ur needs: d more flour, d more peyek u get)

Santan Kelapa pekat (coconut milk, preferably fresh) – 2 coconuts (depending, as well, on ur needs: eg: 2 packets of flour ~ 4 coconuts)

*spices: Ketumbar (blended coriander) - few spoons

*spices: Jintan (caraway) – few bits

Bawang Putih (Garlic – blended/mashed/ground) – 2 cloves (1 packet flour = 2 cloves of garlic, not d whole round bunch)

Telur (Egg) – 1 egg (depending on d amount of flour used)

Garam (Salt) – use ur common sense 2 adjust d taste (hehehe.. it is supposedly taste like a normal salty with a pinch of kinda-herbal spiciness from d spices)

*toppings: Ikan Bilis (Anchovies) & Kacang Tanah yg mentah (raw peanut)

Below r few photos I managed 2 take:

Rice flour + coconut milk + d spices + egg + salt + garlic
(d batter need not b that concentrated, medium concentration = easy frying later on)

Heat up d cooking oil (lots of it)

Prepare d-about-2-b-fried Peyek batter (put in d 2 toppings: anchovies & peanuts)

Using a scoop (in d previous photo, u can see it), pour d batter at d side of d pan. Make sure it's not that too far away from d oil level. Pour d hot oil all over d becoming-peyek batter. 
(yup, that's d original shape of peyek, just in case u were wondering)

PEYEK done!!! 

See how thin it is... It is kinda like a snack/cracker (kerepek)
D peanut + anchovy bulging on top of it.

***** I am writing this with the intention of purely sharing some knowledge I have on the Jawa culture. If somehow I offended some Javanese situated in the Peninsular Malaysia, therefore, I am truly sorry. I do hope that it's still the same with u guys there. *****

[Any questions or interest, shy not, dear friend, just go on & ask/consult me.]


  1. never knew the real shape of peyek! thank u for the info!