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6: A Promise Made


The visitor was actually Bobo’s cousin, Seron. He lived in the upper north of Mountain Kaz. 

A community of peace-keepers was built on top of the mountain. The place was called Kazzin. It was a place like no other, a beautiful and wondrous one. For someone to find answers, Kazzin was the perfect destination. The community welcomed everyone, especially those who originated from the peace-keepers line.

Seron was one of the rulers of Kazzin. 

His father was the leader among all and Seron was ordered to meet with Bobo. A matter of utmost importance must be informed urgently to him. Seron, after excusing his 9 other men to wait outside, of course with the permission of the Mercilesste, explained to him about the reason of his sudden visit. Few nights ago, one of the watchers of Kazzin noticed a camp site not far from the Mount Kaz’s entrance. The flag of Meowen was seen at the camp. The watcher then reported the news back to home. Seron’s father and other respective leaders were concerned about it. For many years, no Meowens had ever come this close to the mountain. The place was fully guarded by the Lioneds.

Bobo said nothing.

“Aren’t you going to say anything, Bobo?”

“What will you want me to say, dear cousin?”

“My God, Bobo! The Meowens will try to attempt in entering the mountain. You know what will happen next.”

“The Lioneds are there to defend it, Seron. Of all Mimiaos, you are the last one that I would think to be this worried about such things.”

“You gave them your word, Bobo. You have sworn that no mortals would cross their gate and enter their path.”

“Then, so be it! The Meowens were the ones who betrayed them. They betrayed their leadership by killing them all. Have you forgotten about that?!”

“and have you forgotten that it was Bobeus who betrayed the Lioneds? His people, the armies, they know nothing. They are just mere puppets and slaves that the king uses to fulfill his wishes. His armies are innocent, Bobo.”

“As long as they serve that filthy king, they will never be innocent.”

“Bobo, listen to me carefully. The promise you made with the Lioneds holds the key to Bobeus’s fall. The Lioneds will serve you in the future. They will help you find your family back, you know that.”

Seron’s last words made Bobo turned his gaze away. Marid, still standing at the corner, saw that Bobo had tears in his eyes. He knew his burdens, the pain that Bobo had to bear for so many years. Marid did not try to utter anything because he knew that all was depended on Bobo’s words. The decision was in his paw.
“Alright. Alright, Seron.”

“Thank you. Mmm… There is one more thing that you need to know, Bobo.”
“What is it?”

“My watcher, he told me that they are after you. Bobeus wants you dead.”
“and I trust that he ordered his Prince Thom to do the work for him?”
“I believe so, Bobo.”
They did not continue to converse anymore about the matter. Bobo urged his men to be ready to go to Kazzin. A war was about to begin and a promise made was about to fulfill its destiny.

It was cold and dark. No burning torch was seen, not even the sun could brighten Nawid in daylight. King Bobeus was walking along a path somewhere in the jungle of Nawid. Ganka followed him closely behind. The king had in his paws, a wand made of pure black diamond. 

Few incantations from the king and the wand shined, so brightly that the whole path they were taking can be seen so clearly.

Moments later, they reached a somewhat lawn of an abandoned fort next to it. The fort looked like it had been left for centuries. The blocks were crumbling down. Ganka almost had himself crushed by one when he accidentally pushed the pole at one of the corners of the fort.

“Consider yourself as fortunate, Ganka.”
“Yes, my Lord.”

The king went in first, into the old fort. The main door of it was, surprisingly new. It looked as if it was not in the same term with the rest of the fort, as if it was replaced and guarded by something. The king muttered another spell and the door opened by itself.
“How long has it been, Ganka?”

“Quite a while, my Lord. My men guarded this place with full caution. Nothing and no one came to here.”

“Good. Bring her to me, then.”

“My Lord”, bowed Ganka respectfully. Then, he vanished into a room. After a while, he returned. Behind him were two guards holding a meow. Although she looked pale, she could not stop trying to free herself from the holds of the brutal guards.

“My, my, my. My dear, you know well not to fight my men. Save your energy, Sikhra.”

“Do not call me with that name, Bobeus!”

“Well, looks like someone is in a harsh mood. What has gone wrong, beautiful?”

“What do you want from me, Bobeus? Have I not done enough for you? You promised that I will be free. You promised!”, shouted the meow angrily.

Hearing her yells, the king grinned at her. “The world is never as it seems to be, is it not? How unique it is, the way things changed and evolved? My dear, as long as I am alive, your freedom is mine. That, will never change.”

“Let her go”, ordered the king to the two guards.
“Sit with me, Sikhra”

“I told you to not call me that.”

“But why? What a beautiful name it is. Just like the person who owns it”, said the king softly to her ears. He buried his nose to her neck but she pushed him away.

“My real name is Sanea, you fool!”

“I know, I know”, obliged the king. Then he laughed.

“You have gone mad, silly king.”

“Perhaps, my dear. But I am not as mad as my son. You see, Clan has feelings for your daughter.”

“What are do you mean?”

“Yes, she is quite the meow. Beautiful, just like the mother. Tell me something. Why did you name her Sanea, after your own name? I have always wonder about that.”

“That is none of your concern.”

“Your forgetting something. I own you, Sanea! Anything about you is my concern.”

Friday, November 05, 2010

5: A Sudden Visit

Prince Clan woke up by the bright sun that shined through his chamber. 

It was almost noon, he realized. He got up and cleaned himself quickly. He wished to speak to his father. Unfortunately, when he went to the king’s chamber, he was nowhere to be seen.

“The King has left early this morning, Prince Clan”, answered one of the servants.
“On what matters that he left for? Did he mention where?
“Forgive me My prince. I do not know the answer to that.”
The servant then went away, continuing his duty. Clan was about to run down and fetch his horse when he suddenly bumped into Sanea.
“Oh! Good morning”, greeted Clan nervously.
“It is noon, my Lord”, corrected Sanea.
“Ooh. Is it? Wow. How fast time flies. The sun is bright today, doesn’t it? I mean, every corner of the palace is flooded by it. You can see everything. It’s so bright.”

Sanea was just looking at Clan with questioning eyes. Clan finally came to a stop when he said,
“Yes, you’re absolutely right about noon. It’s noon. And… the sun is bright… today… “
“Yes, my Lord. You have made your point. It is bright”, obliged Sanea to the silly young prince.
“Right”, responded Clan. He went speechless. They both stared at each other for a moment, until, Sanea, feeling so awkward, said,
“I’ll get back to my work then.”
She bowed respectfully and went away. Foolish Prince Clan just stood there and only managed to utter “Yes, beautiful”.

The Valley of Araw was empty. It was deserted. Huts were burned to ashes. Broken woods and everything were scattered all over the place. Bodies were lying lifelessly and Bobo was the only one standing, alive there.

“What happened?”, he asked himself that, over and over again.
“What has brought such chaos and death to this place? What?! Why?!”

Bobo searched for his weapon on him but it was gone. His weapons had been taken away and that made him furious. He ran to his what used to be his chamber, searching for anything that survived the massacre which had occurred. He went through piles of burned woods and cloths in search of his bow and arrows. He remembered keeping them before he went out to see Marid. That memory made him think about Marid.

“Marid? Where has he gone to?”
Many thoughts were playing inside Bobo’s mind. He was not able to think straight because of it and then, he collapsed.

“Sire. Are you alright?”, a sudden voice was heard.
“Bobo. Speak to me, my friend.”
Another familiar voice came, again.

Marid was standing next to the bed where there lied, Bobo, unconsciously. He was so much in concern over him. He could not do anything to help, so he walked out of the chamber. But a sudden scream stopped him. The scream was from Bobo.
“He’s awake!”

Marid went back, just to see that Bobo was awake, but in a deep shock.
“Marid, thank God! I thought you were dead!”, exclaimed Bobo when he saw Marid’s face.

“What are you talking about?”
“All was gone, Marid. This place, it was burned to ashes. Everyone is dead. Dead, Marid! We must get help!”, shouted Bobo to him. He was about to get up from the bed when marid came to stop him.

“Don’t, my friend. You are not well. You were dreaming, Bobo”, explained Marid calmly to Bobo. Bobo was still in shock. He could not grasp everything that Marid just told him. So, marid sat next to him and explained everything that had happened that night.

“Is everything fine? The Arem, Marid?”, demanded Bobo anxiously.
“Yes, Sire. Everything is fine”, answered the Elmish.
“and they are waiting for you, Bobo.”
“They are here? Now?”
“Then, I shall not keep them waiting any longer, shall I?”, said Bobo while getting himself ready.

After a while, Bobo, The Mercilesste was comfortably sitting on his chair, with Marid, loyally standing next to him.

“Why do I have to sit in this, Marid? You know well that I am capable of standing on my paws.”
“Have you looked at yourself in the mirror, Bobo? Your face is pale, as if you have just seen a ghost.”
“and what has that got to do with me standing or sitting?”, complained The Mercilesste.
“I just do not want you to faint again, my friend. Now there, enjoy your comfort moment on that chair of yours. You’re about to use what’s left of your energy, soon.”
“What do you mean by that?”

Then, assemble of dark coats entered the chamber one by one. Ten of them altogether and all of them bowed to Bobo. He gave them the same respect by bowing his head to them.

“Welcome”, greeted Bobo.
“We are welcomed, indeed, Bobo the Mercilesste”, said one of the the dark coated visitors. He then, pushed open his face mask and said,

“It has been a long time, aye my old friend?”
Surprised and excited at the same time when he saw the face, Bobo managed to only say, “ Good heavens. I could not believe this”.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Imagination: The Attack of Boredom

I got stuck at reading some notes I have on SLA, a major subject of mine. So, I took a time off for this. Talking about bull stuff is really fun and satisfying for my lame brain. and I miss my BFFees.
and Aceng as well... We shall meet again, soon...

The weeks of EXAMINATION have arrived. Pressure is high; anxiety is way of the chart, people! So just take a break, my fellow earthlings. Let us stop for a moment. Stop studying, eating, mopping around, dieting and everything except for thinking. Let us all stop for a while and just think. "Think about what?", you might ask. 
Think about IMAGINATION, of course.

[ Most people would be probably thinking and saying to themselves: “Why would I give a fuck about this?” or “Bley blah la ko!”. Hahahaha. Choice my fellow earthlings. In your hands, lies the ultimate key of life, you have the choice. You have to power to choose any path that you wish to take. But bear this in mind; the choices that you make will cost you something in return. Good or bad, you have to man up and deal with it.
So, people, let us begin to imagine…

1)   Imagine yourself living in a different life in a different planet. Wait. Better yet, imagine yourself being something else, something that is completely different from human beings. Imagine yourself as a Meerkat!...  

[ A meerkat with given abilities and powers that are beyond your imagination. I believe that not many are aware of these meerkats species. They are actually a member of the mongoose family. Some kind of a mammal. People invented the Internet for some reason. So, google it up if you have no idea what animal am I referring to. ] 

[ A clue: Timon, Pumba’s friend ]

2)   Okay. After you have imagined yourself as the above mammal, imagine your powers. One of them is shape-shifter. A meerkat that can shift to any form of shape (animals only, to be prĂ©cised, other mammals). Now, any great beings with superpowers are never unbeatable. There must be a kryptonite somewhere inside or outside, if that matters. This, I leave to you people to figure out by yourself. (Masing-masing tahu kelemahan sendiri)

3)   Right. You are now an awesome super mammal. You can call it as mutant where you are born with it or you had somehow developed the power through a gamma radiation or whatever when you were out hunting for food in the woods. Or you had been abducted by the Martians and you were accidentally exposed by some green gluey slimy glue that they used to glue themselves. Anyways, equipped with your awesomeness, you now have to think about another important side-power that may help increase your level of awesomeness. You may choose to have the ability to talk, speak and converse in a specific language, human language. You have your animal language for a start, but when you change or use your super mammal, you can speak in a different language. Choose the best and appropriate language for mutual understanding between you and the normal livings are vital.

4)   I call this step as the future step. Anything can happen in this particular step. Your imagination may be combined with another of different background and stuff like that. To know if you are truly gifted with the imagination of beyond greatness, make sure you do well in this step. Remember, anything is possible in your imagination but, BUT, BUT, note this, the things you imagined must flow smoothly with each other. They MUST be flawless. (and of course, pure imagination)

Imagination is what boosts me up in writing POM. Although it is not as fun as having a real life outside of the room of comfort cubic, it is well accepted by my moronic soul. God has a unique way of giving His people the chance to be someone on this land. Perhaps, this is my chance, my way. (ZzZzZ) 

As for *SuperSapiahh, you have the gift of... I will reveal it when the time comes... 

*Nina-Babe, you are the Gamer-Goddess!!! You are The Gamer-Com. You have my respect and I shall vow to protect your laptop, PSP with my paws, for LIFE... 

*Chik Effadila... Use your vocal cord for the good of MANKIND, your hands for the well-being of people's skin (specific: cheek area), your recipes for the continuous generation of future-debaters and jokers... 

Your hospitality and concern, *Sis Elly... Do you realize that you play a bit of the role of a Miss World where you have the rational thinking and the actions of careful and well-thought plans? You bring us back to Earth every time we fly too far into outer space.

*JawJosh... Your are out of the ordinary. No one can bring you down, you hear me?? You may have the weirdest love for chillies and soy sauce, but you have the thing which i respect the most about you, your notes! damn woman... rajin da juak... =D
*MamaMia... I don't have your current picture but I do have this... 

You have a sweet voice and you are a wonderful listener. Although we don't see much of each other, you will always have a smile ready for us whenever we pass by and stuff like that. You can change certain SOMEONE with your personalities...