Thursday, May 05, 2011

Holidays bring out the beastly laziness in you!

Imma try something new: update blog every day! (exam baru ja habis, org dh mls nak mbaca, now nak expect people to read lagi ur blog?!? Blah la u Chewy… )
I’m bored, so what the heck huh?

Done with the legendary King Arthur, now moving to Beauty and the Beast. Yup, this is my all time favorite tale. 

The reason lies not in the idea of “true love follows no swan nor fugly duckling/goodness brings contentment”, no people. But in the “Belle is so AWESOME for staying with a BEAST!”.

Come on people, have some simplest imagination & picture this. Belle, (a French name equivalent to Beauty) willingly accepts the ‘deal’ (regarding The Rose) made between her father & the hideous Beast (the sombong, perasan handsome, ego, no manners Prince), & she eventually stays with the Beast in his castle.

Rationality (only that) point: She should be happy to be invited to stay at a place, damn it, it’s a castle! The Beast is rich. LOL! He’s a Prince, for crying out loud.

Anyway, it takes great courage in Belle to put herself in such a close distance with the Beast.

(the above might sound like 'self-pity'.. alaa.. in the end he gets the girl what )
 A frog looks better than a beast. But the Beast still tops all other creatures due to its hideous masculinity & growling. 

Take myself for example, I may look like a brave person, but deep down, I’m terrified of clowns. >> Badut!
[They are hell-sentenced musketeers whose jobs include giving people hopeless happiness & puppy-looking balloons!!!]

You see, although Belle is only a character in a tale, despite the variation of her found in many versions of Beauty & the Beast, she portrays a quality that most WOMEN ought to have within themselves; COURAGE.

One other thing, Belle has been on the top of my epic list because she is like the smartest (paling awesome!!!) fairy chick of all times. Not even the beautiful Cinderella can top her.

Belle loves to read. 
Not what I had in mind for a romantic date though~~ 

She got herself 100 points for that, if you ask me. This Chewy loves to read too. HAHAHAHA!  

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Not even a day & I'm already writing another post!!!

(in response to my previous renovation post)
A moment ago was my 5th time watching the movie King Arthur. As most of you, the readers can see from my tranquility link section, I have the passion for the medieval era. I love every version of Arthur’s kingdom. Now, this was a fairy tale worth telling & reading. Yes, if you’re not a fan of this stuff, then you’d better stop reading this & bye-bye.
[All images are taken from the Internet; my most gratitude to the original sources]

The time of Arthur was said to be only a legend, told by people of many eras of times. 
(4give me 4 ungrammatical sentence – I tend 2 get overjoyed & thus explains my overuse of the language)

Since this is the new era where most things are possible, you can do your own little study over this. I mean the legend has been told upon to many which in the end, resulted to varieties of truth. Even the epic Merlin (the old & new one) brought out a sort of magical & yet simplified version of the legend. LOL! Enough of that, you cannnnnnnnnn
 (look by yourself aite? =P)

Back to King Arthur, I meant the movie that was released back in 2004. The epic Arthur was played by the actor Clive Owen. 

Hold up!
=Don’t ever get me as some chick that only digs movies that have hot/famous actors/actresses okay, people. I’m not THAT shallow.=

Anyway, the core of the film had me to tears, seriously! 
The fight for freedom!!!! 
(Not the below: love crap between Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot, which is supposed to be famous among EVERYONE!!!)

My personal favorite scene would be the one-on-one battle between the Saxon & Tristan, 1 of the Arthur’s noble knights.


The most important point that I cannot ever get it out of my head would be that the world is not perfect. Despite all the battles & wars that we win over (I’m using the pronoun “WE” so as to show “I’m making this as a general thing”), we can never achieve such PERFECTION that we hope for. BUT, the journey of earning such noble dream as freedom, equality for everyone, now that is what I like to call perfection. I mean, please spare a moment of your time & really embrace the moment of “fighting for something”. You may at first, want to give up hope. But there will come a time, when you ask yourself “what were to happen if I hadn’t backed away?”

Take this cool saying as your reminder okay. It might do you good in life. =D

 I can guarantee you this, if you have the heart for such stuff as this, you will feel something more than you have ever felt before if you watch the movie.

Almost forgot:
Yes, of course, all of us want that happy ending, the desired happiness from all the sufferings & hardships that we have fought against.

LOVE or HATE the film, it’s all up to you. Every individual has the right to choose, you know. Not all tales are loved by all, that I can assure you. Hehehehe…

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Renovation of The MePaws (A new profound me... cewahh)

Alright, I just finished my second year of campus thingy. Finally, I have figured out what I love doing the most.

I love to imagine fairy tales

Therefore, I’m going to change this blog into something that is more me. I still love cats though, that won’t change a bit, I give you my word. I mean enough of me being like other people. Yea I imagine stories during class, you know stuff like 'what happens if instead of buses for transportation to campus, people use giant magical hedgehogs that can fly to go to class'. I wonder whether that is the reason for my constant yawning in classes. Hmmm… like last time, I was imagining this one dude & he was in… wait! I went off a bit. 

What I’m trying to say is that I’m a freak; I ought to accept that before I turn 21. Yea…

Ok. Crap is done, now moving to the grandest of the grand event, my stories. Lately, I’ve stopped the habit of checking Star Wars stuffs. Somehow, a realization came over me & I was moved (body & soul) to ‘google’ the Grimm brothers’ collections of tales. 
The Grimm Brothers-German philologists
(taken from the Internet)

The last time I held the book, a collection of stories, was a year ago. I was ‘stoned’ by the stories in it.

(taken from the Internet)

 I mean gosh! Brilliant & so amazing; the beauty of the imagination just took my breath away. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish reading it, due to my busy schedule. I’ll get meself that book, that I shall do! 

Anyway, after all the ‘googling’, I just couldn’t stop myself from reminiscing the good times where fairy tales are told & loved by many. Usually, children dig stuff like that. 

Weird… I love fairy tales & I wish to write about them but I DO NOT LIKE @ DISLIKE kids. Wow! How retarded am I??? fuck, who cares… but do be careful if any of you out there have the slightest idea of making me babysit your future toddlers, kids or whatever. I have nothing against them. I just don’t feel anything for their species, you know. 

When I see kids, my face goes like the above (LOL. not really) while in my head, thing goes like
"please go away kids...please I beg of you..!"

So, now I’m checking out stories by stories online, of course. Loving it so much! Who knows, if I’m that consistent enough with this, I might share some of my personal favorites of tales here. 

=D If you feel like checking few fairy tales out, you know, for fun.

Peace for now~~~