Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Making Experience into hope-to-be helpful tips Chapter 1

Few experiences into hope-to-be helpful tips:

From my experience, the term of owning a pet indeed comes with great responsibilities. For those who have more than 5/6 pets like me, well, things can go out of hands, sometimes. I’m no cat-expert, professionally, but I am very well-adapted with the life as a pet owner. Since cats have been in our family for generations, I’m proud to say that I’m a miao person.

Let me put some of past experience and knowledge into good use, okay?
Let’s see.
Mmmm… a friend of mine was having some second thoughts about adopting a pet, precisely a cat. Well, for a person who loves cats but fear of getting scratch at, fear of sudden attention-seeking biting, fear of sudden purring at ur feet etc, it’s a normal feeling. 

So maybe these little bits of info might lighten your fear up??

- The bite & claws of a kitten may sting a bit at first because they are newborns. All teeth & nail-based body parts are still new & fresh.

 (mcm baru kena asah) It’s a bit like human babies’ nail la.

- ***** The bites of an adult cat is 10 times hurtful than the kitten’s, sometimes more when the cat feel threatens/in the midst of fighting another cat/just plain evil. (protective mode on!)

- If u’re lucky enough to adopt one that is naturally playful & feisty, then u’re in for a really big treat. HAHAHAHA! (mcm2 la kena gigit, cakar, tarik, kunyah tpi all in d name of fun)

- To overcome the 2nd point above & give the best effort in welcoming the kitten into the family, u might want to consider getting a complete-cat stuffs. The stuffs are:
o   Cage (optional, myb dh ada kotak),

o   cage sheets (kain/blankie tdo = tshirt lma yg x pakai lg),
o   potty-train (u can get d pasir & ol dat easily. *better if ada housing area yg luas with a yard/padang kecik, so that once kitten dh besar, u cn teach it 2 poop at appropriate places)
o   cat food ( + drinks la) (nasi with blended ikan bilis/ikan/chicken/tulang kfc = basic meal, cat crackers as occasional snacking fud. *byk brand of cat fud, so choose wisely because cats do get food poisoning, eg: cirit-birit etc.)
o   Toys (optional, cats need fun oso maa~~ can be homemade thread ball, paper ball, mom’s kain pelekat, old teddy bears, mom’s pasu bunga in d living rum etc.)
o   LOVE & CARE (includes time, disciplinary upbringing, leasure & ol other stuff that use ur common sense to figure out)

- If u’re end up getting a cool, quiet & loner kitten, 
well, don’t let ur guard down that easily because kittens like that are the difficult ones when it comes to health issues (they won’t miao loudly & jst hibernates weakly. (cat flu CEPAT attack kitten, pagi mgkin sihat walafiat then noon, tba2 nazak~R.I.P = this means u hv 2 get it 2 d vet 2 b injected, a.s.a.p! *d flu attacks through virus, symptoms: leher/tekak mengecil, trying so hard to breathe, kurang mkn)

Well, I think I’ve said what’s important in handling a cat pet. These are all basics (to keep ‘em alive, well & loved)
My awesome advice to u, friend: Let the kitten smell ur hands first. 
U wnna keep it? 
then u gotta make it trust u & pray dat u smell ‘angelic’. 
& d rest will b no problemo 2 u, insyaALLAH~

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